Best Pest Control Methods

Is your home infested with bugs, roaches, rodents, or other small animals? Have you been able to eliminate them? If the pests are still roaming in your house, you are probably planning to eliminate them.

Are you wondering how to eliminate the pests? Please read on to learn the most effective methods of pest control.

Hygiene-based Control

Pests can only survive in an environment that is conducive to them. If your house or compound is left unattended, there is high likelihood pests will invade your home. Pests can be avoided or eliminated by ensuring that your home is kept clean at all times. You can achieve cleanliness by doing the following:

• Clean up your dining table after meals and put all the rubbish and leftovers in the bin.

• Clean your kitchen every day, especially after cooking.

• Keep the bin closed using tight-fitted lids.

• Ensure your drains and septic tank area are correctly sealed

Biological Pest Control

This method involves using the natural food chain method, where you facilitate the existence of pest predators. For example, if rats infest your home, you can domesticate a cat that will eat them. Alternatively, you can use a more sophisticated pest control method to interfere with the pests’ breeding.

This method is popular because it is chemical-free and safer for the environment, your family, plants, and other non-pest wildlife.

Chemical Pest Control

This is the most common method of pest control. It involves the use of pesticides such as insecticides and bactericides. Pesticides are packaged either as a liquid, solid, or aerosol form. The chemicals used are very effective and can terminate pests within a few minutes.

However, pesticides can be detrimental to the environment, humans, and other animals, which you don’t want to eliminate. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions on safe usage, storage, and disposal of pesticides.


Whichever method you decide to use, ensure that it is safe for the environment, your family, and other animals. You should seek the help of a professional exterminator to ensure you completely get rid of pests safely and effectively.