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Fishing on the seashore

Some advice for fishing on the seashore :

Fishing for seashells (whelks, cockles, shrimps, mussels, clams, scallops, crabs) is authorized on the following shores :

  • At the “Pointe de la Fuméeat Fouras-les-Bains
  • On Aix island at “ Jamblet"
  • On Madame island at “ Verger, Palles and Toureau"


WARNING !  At the Town Hall and on the shores verify the official notices concerning the legal period of shore fishing from dawn to sunset, at more than 25 metres from marine cultures ( oyster parks etc).

The quantity allowed is a maximum of 5kg per person  by day, this includes all types of shellfish of a minimum size.

Please respect the seashore and put into place any stones or rocks that you have turned over.