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An unprecedented event, La Fayette's Hermione departure and return

An unprecedented event April 18th, Lafayette's Hermione departure 

The Hermione sets sail for USA

After 17 years of re-making it in Rochefort, the authentically reconstructed freedom's frigate, the Hermione has sailed 3.919 miles across the Atlantic to reach Yorktown (Virginia) on June 5th 2015 before sailing up the coast to 11 iconic ports of the American revolution for two months of events celebrating the strong ties between France and USA in the spirit of Lafayette.

Hermione Frigate on the Charente river

April 18th 2015 was a memorable day. 

All the Charente's estuary celebrated Hermione's departure. 

In the afternoon, the Hermione said goodbye to the Charente river and its birthplace, sailing from Ile d'Aix to Soubise. The frigate was accompanied by historic ships : the BELEM, the frigate La Touche Treville, the NAO Victoria. Nearly hundreds of boats were there to cheer Hermione off.

The greatest pyrotechnic show made in Ruggieri Lacroix 2015   

To celebrate the adventure of the Hermione, the greatest pyrotechnic show took place at the mouth of the estuary. The celebrations where launched simultaneously from seven different locations around the Charente Estuary : Fort de la Rade, the Fort Enet, Fort de l'Aiguille, Fort Vauban, Fort Vasou, Fort Lupin and the Ile Madame. 

An eye-catching and breathtaking fireworks show made by Ruggieri Lacroix, the most famous pyrotechnician in the World.

The show was broadcasted live on international TV.

In partnership with : Association Hermione Lafayette ; Rochefort Océan ; Charente Maritime country and Poitou Charentes region.


Rochefort celebrates the return of the fregate Hermione