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Nature-friendly gateway without a car

Discover Rochefort Ocean and its islands without using your car ! 

Eco friendly trip at the estuary of the Charente river and the Naval Dockyard of Rochefort 

Who does not want to relax in nature, to escape to the heart of exceptional landscapes, without needing a car ?                                                                    

“Nature getaway without a car” is a project that shows that it is easy to explore and discover the many facets of our unique territory, with serenity and without a car.

On foot, by bike, or even by boat... experience the Land of Fort Boyard with beautiful getaways tested out for you by Pierre, an avid eco traveler, that shares his experience of visiting Rochefort Océan without once using his car !

Leave your car and go explore the Land of Fort Boyard with Pierre

For three days, Pierre discovered on foot or by bike, what makes the uniqueness of Rochefort Océan : a unique maritime heritage at the heart of an area where the water merges with the earth and flat grounds provide ideal conditions to explore by bicycle.

Discover Pierre's travel log below !




By following the paths of the Naval Dockyard, he was able to discover the diversity of our coastal landscapes and the richness of our history: the great Naval Dockyard and its network of fortifications, the seaside atmosphere of the peninsula Fouras-les-Bains, the authenticity of the Aix Island and the majesty of the Transporter Bridge.

Put yourself cycling, walking, try stand up paddle, mind Escapade Nature without a car is to move through the soft modes of transport!
h4: Plan your trip to Rochefort Ocean without car
To go, use the R'Bus network and move in bicycle to explore the city destination.La offers rental of bicycles Demoiselles ", you can rent them at the Rochefort Tourist Office and Port-des-Barques at the R'Bus shop and Space Life with Colbert Place.
Since 2016, you can also cross the Charente boat ferryman! The Transporter Bridge is in the works for some time, but the Riveo boat, takes over for connecting Rochefort Soubise Echillais and ...

Plan your trip to Rochefort Ocean without car

To get around, use the R'Bus network and you can also ride around on your bicycle to explore the destination.

If you don't have a bike with you, you can rent a bike from the town's service "Les Vélos des Demoiselles". You can rent them in many places :

 • The R'Bus boutique, near the train station in Rochefort

 • Tourism Offices of Rochefort and Port-des-Barques

 • Espace Nature on the Place Colbert in Rochefort

Since 2016, you can also cross the Charente river on a ferryboat ! The Transporter Bridge will be closed for some time due to maintenance work, but the Riveo boat, takes over to bring you to Soubise or Echillais from Rochefort.