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Well being at the Thermal baths

 Spa centre in Rochefort : Thermal baths

Town with a maritime destiny, Rochefort is also a spa centre. It was under the reign of Napoleon 3rd that the spring was discovered during the search for drinking water.

It was from the profound depths of the ground during the last century that sprung up a hot water spring , ferruginous, with therapeutic properties which was immediately recognized.

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing this thermal water gives excellent results in the treatment of rhumatism phlebology, skin diseases and infectious oral mucosal lingual.

From the estuary comes another richness found in Rochefort : fluvial-marine clay containing concentrated seaweed and micro-organisms. By adding spring water this makes hot mud full of active elements.

These thermal waters have a soothing and healing effect for skin complaints, rhumatism, and phlebology.

Rochefort's thermal water is rich in metals, minerals, and trace elements, making it extremely therapeutic. When it springs off, the water is 42°C hot.


Rochefort is the 7th spa town in the whole of France.

You may book for a shorter stay : a 3 day or a 6-day stay instead of the traditional 3 weeks stay. Join us :


Société Thermale de Rochefort Eurothermes (rhumatologie, dermatologie, phlébologie)
Avenue Camille Pelletan
17300 Rochefort
Tél : 33 (0)5 46 99 08 64
e-mail :

Open from February to december


Maison du Curiste (welcoming and point of information and activities) 
Esplanade Pierre Soumet
17300 Rochefort
Tél : 33 (0)5 46 87 15 30