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Velodyssee, the Atlantic cycling route

The "Vélodysée"-The Atlantic cycling route through Rochefort Ocean ! 

Get on your bike, you will have the choice between the protected Aix Island, the Madame Island or the 2 step-cycling route below :

The hike on the Land of Fort Boyard

300 km of hiking trails between marshes and the Atlantic Ocean

To discover the Nature Reserves of the Bay of Yves Moëze, there is nothing like a walk or a bike tour. This is an opportunity to see many species of birds such as the white stork or heron. Bicycles or walking tours have been designed to allow you to discover the heritage of Commons, whether natural or cultural, but also all the sea activities : oyster farming, angling, the resorts of Port-des-Barques or Fouras-les-Bains.

The Vélodyssée through Rochefort Ocean

Enjoy the cycling route, which goes through Rochefort-Ocean: 2 stages, over 60 kms with many providers willing to welcome you, so come with or without a bike !

Step 34 of the Vélodyssée through Rochefort Ocean : Châtelaillon / Rochefort

Step 35 of the Vélodyssée through Rochefort Ocean : Rochefort / Marennes

Routes for walking and cycling for all

Via the guidebook Rochefort Ocean


It offers 26 hiking tours, available to all. 2.5km walks,18 kms with the choice of themes: heritage street circuit in Rochefort, discovery villages Echillais Lussant, Moray St Coutant, St Hippolyte, sea resorts Fouras-les-Bains and Port-des-Barques, around the islands of Aix and Madame...

15 bike circuits allow to complement browse up and down the country, 8km to 31 km, also very accessible because the destination Rochefort ocean has no height difference, so you'll appreciate the lack of relief for more walks especially in quiet family.

Via the Apps Rochefort-Ocean Tour

Use your smartphone and download the free application Rochefort Ocean Tour to explore the many hiking (28) and cycling (17) trails.

visuel de la carte d'itinéraire Vélodyssée Rochefort Océan

                        visuel des étapes de la Vélodyssée Rochefort Océan






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