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Vitality and well-being

Vitality and well-being

Thermal waters, quality treatment,not forgetting a mild climate, intense light, generous wildlife… briefly a spot that is nice for a relaxing stay….

The oceanic climate is mild, winter is not too cold and in summer the weather is temperate thanks to ocean breezes. Sunshine hours (2250 a year) on the " Charentais coast" are comparable with a part of the Mediterranean coast.

The first bathers arrived in 1850 to benefit from the saltwater of the sea and Fouras-les-Bains became and also conserved its reputation as a family seaside resort. The first big and beautiful detached houses sprung up on the cliffs, (Avenue du Bois Vert) then towards 1900 the property developers became interested by the « Plage Nord »which quickly became a very fashionable place.

The silt has a reputation of having healing properties and the good Dr Boutiron boasted its benefit to heal eczema and sickly people.