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Fort Boyard

Discover this giant of seas

You always wanted to visit the Fort Boyard? Realize your child's dreams and leave for excursion around this giant of seas! From Rochefort, Fouras-les-Bains or Port-des-Barques, leave for a cruise and discover the Fort Boyard.

A visit to Fort Boyard. A spectacular monument

This fortress is the emblem of Rochefort Ocean, a real vigil of the seas that was built on a sandbank to ward off English vessels that threatened an invasion of the Rochefort dockyards. Its construction was made in several stages between 1804 and 1866. The artillery progress was such at that time that the fort was never used for its original military role.

World famous

Beyond the technical achievement that the building represents (of which even Vauban renounced) it became famous due to a television game which started in 1989, and was televised in nearly 30 countries.


It's true that this enormous stone building in the middle of the ocean has been for a long time the attraction for pleasure boats, but during the TV programme it's possible to admire the inside of the building. 

An unforgettable trip 

68m long, 31m wide, and up to 20m high : To have a good view of the fort and see closely its magnificent walls, it's possible to take a cruise boat from Rochefort, Fouras -les- Bains or Portdes Barques. For couples , families and groups of people please enquire at the tourist offices.