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In the heart of the dockyards of the Sun King

Rochefort is at the heart of the destination. Only 20 minutes from the beaches of Fouras-les-Bains and Port-des-Barques, and 30 minutes from Royan and La Rochelle, it is the perfect place to stay during your holiday.  

A cultural destination without a doubt

Explore this unforgettable stopover for lovers of maritime history and discover its unique patrimony on the world. Clearly a cultural destination, Rochefort was chosen in the 17th century by the king himself, Louis 14th, and ever since, the town has built itself around “the most exceptional Naval Dockyard” of the French coats. 

While you are there, do not forget to visit the International Centre of the sea – Corderie Royale,the Naval Museum in the Hotel des Cheusses, or the Former Naval Medicine School in the Hôpital de la Marine, or the drydocks where the frigate Hermione was built and where you can find the replica of the actual ship…

The town has numerous other museums like for instance the « Hotel Hèbre de Saint Clément (Art and History Museum) Musée des Commerces d'Autrefois (museum of old shops) and has an exceptional rich patrimony.

Rochefort vue du ciel

Things to do in Rochefort

Walking or cycling down the path of the Charente river that goes along the bank of the Naval Dockyard will quickly become your favorite thing, especially when you’ll find at the end of the path the gigantic Transporter Bridge, which will be celebrating its 116 years old in 2016 !

If you feel like relaxing a bit, enjoy the Thermal Baths of Rochefort, the 7th thermal town in France, or have a lovely walk at the market and buy fresh fruits, vegetable and fish in the biggest market of Poitou-Charente. 

The Demoiselles of Rochefort

What woulld Rochefort be witout the "Demoiselles de Rochefort" - the film with Catherine Deneuve and Gene Kelly, filmed here in 1966 by Jacques Demy.

Try the guided visit of the places where the film was shot or download « "Rochefort Ocean Tour" » all the year round. Then you can see the "itinerary" on your smartphone !

Not to be missed !

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