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The authenticity of a fishing village

Discover an authentic fishing village of the West coast of France, only 15 minutes away from Rochefort ! Port-des-Barques also gives you access to Madame Island, using a stone path named the “Passe aux Boeufs”, that is uncovered during the low tide. 

Oyster farming in Port-des-Barques

Enjoy relaxing at the beach “Plage des Anses” where you can take a dip without worrying about the tide thanks to a seawater pool ! After your dip in the sea, have a walk on the coast and admire the scenery and the typical carrelets of Port-des-Barques, which are small fishing cabin perched on beams.

Know it all about oyster farming at the Eco-museum of Port-des-Barques. You’ll understand the little villages far better after your visit ! 

A touristic village

Port-des barques isn't only an oyster growing site it is also a touristic village with beautiful seaside villas dating from between the two World wars overlooking the cliffs. If you wish to bathe it is better to go to the « Plage des Anses » where there is a seawater pool allowing you to swim whatever the tide.

Historical surroundings of the peninsula

Discover the surroundings of the village by stopping at Soubise, where you’ll find the ruins of the castle and a church from the 17th century.

At Saint-Nazaire-sur-Charente, enjoy the sight of the Fort Lupin and the Lupin Fountain. The Fort Lupin would protect the ships that came to restock in fresh water at the Lupin Fountain.

We like...

The rows of « carrelets »( fishing huts on stilts) emblem of the Charentais coast. The sailing school at Port-des Barques, oyster tasting at the oyster farmers.

Not to be missed

  • The « carrelets »

  • The oyster growing zone of Montportail

  • The Fort Lupin

  • The "Ecomusée"  at Port-des-Barques

  • The "Pointe sans fin" and the estuary of the Charente


How to go to Port-des-Barques ?

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