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Madame Island

Madame Island is accessible by way of the village of Port-des -Barques only at low tide. To cross the natural pathway called the « Passe aux Boeufs »you will need to look at the tide time-table before you set off !

A small wild island

Madame island is the smallest island in the « Pertuis Charentais ». A wild and preserved island of 75 hectares which has only one inhabitant all year round. It is an ideal spot for rambles, bicycle rides, and seashore fishing. In the middle of the island you will find the aquaculture farm. Here in this marine farm where saltwort is cultivated there is equally fish and shellfish breeding... not forgetting the salt-marshes.

Each year numerous christians come on a pilgramage to see a cross on the island. The « Croix aux Galets »was erected in memory of refactory priests.

On the highest point of the island we find the « Fort de l'île Madame »:it is possible to visit the casemates.

Panoramic view over the "charentais" coastline

Classified « natural site » Madame island gives you incontestably one of the best points of view of 360° if not THE BEST over the « charentais » coastline. We can perceive quite distinctly Fouras-les-bains, Aix island, Port-des-Barques, Fort Boyard, the bridge to Ré island and la Rochelle. In seeing this panorama we can understand the history of the estuary protected by its islands and forts.

What a beautiful panorama and what great quietude. We appreciate the genuineness of this spot, natural and preserved which are qualities that have become very rare today. 

We liked.. 

Starting off early to appreciate the incredible light over the ocean ; take a day out with a rucksack to picnic on the island,even take a bucket and fishing net and look for oysters and mussels. The aquaculture farm ; enjoy the incomparable quiet and get away from it all for a few hours.

Not to be missed..

  • La Passe aux Boeufs (the natural pathway to the island).
  • La Croix aux galets
  • la Redoute de l'île Madame
  • La Ferme Aquacole

 Did you know that ?

The island was named after Anne Rohan de Soubise - a mistress of Louis XIV who gave the name of " Madame " to all that he owned.

Where is located Madam Island ?

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