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Transporter Bridge

The last bridge of this type in France

Crossing the Charente a permanent challenge

The viaduct over the Charente is the third in the series of bridges that crosses the fluvial river. It joins the village of Echillais to Rochefort and is 1200m in length.

The first bridge is the Transporter Bridge built in 1900 just at some metres up river. It escaped destruction when it was classified as an historical monument in 1976. It was restored in 1994 and allows tourists on foot or with a bicycle to cross the river in complete safety.

At the beginning of the 1960’s the “nacelle”(cradle) of the bridge couldn’t continue to carry every day the 1200 vehicules and a second bridge was built. A new lift bridge was inaugurated in 1967 and consisted of 2 concrete piles and a lifting span of 92 metres.

At last the viaduct was inaugurated in May 1991 and the long wait for the holidaymakers due to the lifting of the old bridge to let the ships through came to an end. The lift bridge was dismantled a few months later.

The Transporter Bridge is getting a makeover

2016 will be different, because of major works: the interpretation center of the Transporter House (on the bank of Echillais) opens March 26, but the crossings are interrupted.

It has been 116 years since the last Transporter Bridge in France was built and it is now time to give it a well deserved rest after all the years it has served. In 2016, the Transporter Bridge will close for maintenance work so it can take you on its cradle for many more years for the pleasure of all ...

Huge work is planned by the government for a limited period of 3 years.


Visits maintained : every Thursday, there are theatre Show

Fear not, guided tours for individuals and groups are maintained at the Maison du Transbordeur, and you'll still be able to admire the Transporter Bridge in all its glory!

Unusual theatrical tours, called "the couriers of the ferry," an invitation to travel, history and anecdotes continue every Thursday from June to September.

A stroll connecting the two banks of the Charente, a moment of conviviality with a guide, field workers as the innkeeper, the nacelier... Book your theatrical visit at the Tourist Office of Rochefort.

More informations official Website Pont Transbordeur
Download here  the pamphlets.